• Thank you for the virtual AML training presentation yesterday. We thought using "Microsoft Teams" as a training aid would not be as good as real-life face to face training, but we were wrong; it was great.
  • As usual, we all enjoyed Mathew's style and delivery. However, his use of social media alongside the Teams software allowed for plenty of QA interaction, and it made the event better than any other online training we have experienced before.
  • In fact, using social media as a communication tool gave everyone (+140) a voice (as they could be anonymous) and never has so many of our employees interacted with the trainer. 
  • Well done Comsure and Mathew
Senior manager and MRO/CO at large Mauritian trust company business  (+140 employees, including directors)

"Thanks very much for the training yesterday – informative and well presented, as expected."

Thank you for this morning- I enjoyed! Beneficial, interactive & thought provoking. Will be sure to attend the next one

“Everyone really enjoyed the training, Matt did a fantastic job, please pass on my thanks to him”
10 JAN 2020

Natasha Gallie - Office Support Assistant - Henley & Partners

iTrack – The following comment was sent to Comsure following the integration of iTrack

It was amazing and we could already see how iTrack would fit in our systems.

Compliance officer, Mauritian CSP

"Following a 3 hours interactive Partners and Senior Managers AML workshop, at a leading Channel Island Law Firm the following was offered “This is way more interesting than the online video!!”

Partners and Senior Managers at a leading Channel Island Law Firm

We would like to thank Comsure for a pragmatic and cost effective solution and completion to our summer compliance project.

What was most impressive was how you distributed work-loads among your team.  This distribution resulted in your charges remaining manageable. Unlike other quotes from your peer competitors, it seems Comsure can charge lower rates for lower level tasks rather than Directors charging themselves out for admin activity.

By way of background – following the acquisition of another regulated company (tripping our size and geographical footprint) and the resultant identification that some of our existing systems and controls would be inadequate regarding scale and scope to meet the needs of the business and regulatory requirements, you came to our help. Although our demands and timetable were aggressive Comsure delivered all the core work within the summer months, on time and budget. The project work included the following:

  1. A new compliance monitoring plan and methodology bespoke to the firm’s requirements
  2. A new risk management framework and risk register, ensuring there is a direct collaboration with the company’s risk profile and regulatory licences
  3. Drafting and redrafting of policies and procedures where they were missing or inadequate
  4. Implementation of a new financial crime policy, controls and training for staff
  5. Introduction of a new Training and Competency Framework

We will be seeking your support again and would recommend your services.

Thank you Comsure

Director, Multi-Jurisdictional Corporate Service Provider

“The mention of compliance training to the majority of staff will result in groans, moans and excuses for not attending. However, add the magic words “being presented by Mathew Beale” and suddenly there is a queue to attend.

Mathew makes the mundane interesting and without scaring the attendees manages to make them aware of the pitfalls and consequences of non-compliance. Valla Limited is happy to recommend his services to all in need of training and refresher courses in this highly complex area”

Alison Johnson – MD, Valla Limited

Informative thought provoking, focused with a good central venue and the presenter /lawyer was truly engaging. I took away a number of areas for action. Course was good value for money. Feedback following 2nd Feb 2017 workshop titled AML re civil liability external course run by Comsure in Jersey

Head of Risk & Compliance – Leading Offshore Law firm

After a one-day AML update training session in Mauritius on the 27th November 2017, a delegate made the following observation:- The day was most fruitful. If I can add – as expected in a Mathew Beale workshop. It is like a brand… One is more knowledgeable afterwards.

Compliance manager, Mauritius, a multi-jurisdictional TCB provider

“This was the best AML training I have attended or been involved in for over 20 years. The audience were left in no doubt about their responsibilities, and Mathew’s presentation style ensured that it remained interesting throughout. The use of case studies was particularly effective to bring across the message that it can happen to people just like us. This will make my work as MLRO much easier.”

Head of Compliance and MLRO at a Guernsey fiduciary