Comsure's Annual Mauritius GRC'S & Economic Crime Conference 2020

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Comsure's Annual GRC'S & Economic Crime Conference 2020

I found today’s first two speakers really managed to shed some much needed light onto aspects that even though much spoken about in generalised textbook terms, were presented from a practical perspective and this was very interesting to hear. I have heard Guillaume speaking at many conferences before and found that today he also departed from the rigid framework, which constituted much of his prior presentations, by giving relevant feedback on what works and does not work with STRs, and that is always good to know just as it was really interesting to hear concrete cases involving the FIU.

It was also refreshing to hear from Ricky as cyber security is never really touched on in our circle as we tend to associate this type of subject matter with something reserved for computer geeks (no offence intended) that speak a foreign language. I was quite impressed by how he managed to present this technical subject with such simplicity. For once, on matter related to technology I did not feel out of my depth!