Website Disclaimer

We promise to meet internationally recognised standards for protecting privacy by fully complying with the requirements of Jersey’s Data Protection Laws. The server on which this site resides, uses the Users’ IP Address only to deliver the requested pages and collect statistical usage information. This site does not use Cookies or any other means to collect and record an individual’s usage patterns.

News Disclaimer

The non Comsure articles posted on the Comsure website are found on none subscription/paid internet sites and are deemed important and relevant to a Comsure audience (regulated financial services and professional firms). On this basis and for the purposes of commentary Comsure is reposting these articles.

Comsure does not wish to take any credit for the publication and the publication can be read in full in its original form if you click the articles link that will always be published. Also Comsure does not seek any payment for highlighting these important articles.

Further Comsure will not reproduce and link any material that has been published for a payment / subscription and / or payment to the author and or publisher. If you want any article removed Comsure will do so automatically if you email info@comsuregroup.com

COMSURE’S Data Protection & Marketing/communication Policy

1. Comsure understands and recognises that the new Data Protection (Jersey) 2018 Law has come into effect.

2. Comsure takes its responsibilities under the Law seriously and will use its best endeavours to ensure that it complies with the Law.

3. Comsure does not and will not either purchase or sell any data for any purpose.

4. In the event of any data subject requiring Comsure to disclose what data it holds on the data subject, this information shall be provided as soon as is reasonably possible without charge (see paragraph 7 below).

5. Comsure shall not hold any personal data which has no relevance to its marketed services.

6. When Comsure communicates (for example by email) with clients (and other interested parties) Comsure will compile a list of organisations and their appointed representatives to whom it may reasonably be expected to be of interest to their employer.

7. Except where permission has expressly been given, we hold no data on the recipients of emails except their name, corporate title, place of work, and corporate email address.

8. In sending out emails, Comsure shall take every precaution to ensure that the details of each recipient are not disclosed to any of the other recipients.

9. Recipients of any communication (for example email) who do not wish us to contact them again should write to the the company or email: info@comsuregroup.com and add into the subject line the word ‘Remove’. Your action or otherwise under this paragraph shall not affect your statutory rights.

For more information, please visit OIC Jersey