The Comsure fees shown are an hourly rate and which will vary due to the nature of the engagement, and any instruction will incur a minimum fee of £130.00 (equivalent to 30 mins).

Any time after 30 mins, will be made up of each 15 minutes after that (15 mins = 1 unit of time)

The Comsure regulatory consultants' net hourly rates range between £260 – £300 (support fees for Comsure unqualified support staff are less). Comsure will only exceed these rates when Comsure uses specialist support. For example, a Comsure legal consultant's [knowledge level - Jersey legal advocate ] hourly rate is £300.00. And Comsure will always advise what hourly fees are before any work starts.

Standard rate

In general terms Comsure's rates (outside any pre-agreed project or retainer cost) are as follows:

  • £285.00 an hour = Principal / Senior Consultant
  • £130 an hour = Support staff, e.g. Karolina Suchecka, Martyna Czerny

(Please note if you choose the retainer option (see below), the charges calculated on a 2:1 ratio (1 retainer hour [£260.00] = two chargeable hours (£130x2=£260.00)


Further to the above, a Comsure client can either:

  • “Pay as you go" based on Comsure's regular charge-out rate (above); or
  • "Pay through a Retainer Arrangement" (that offers a discount to the costs above) – contact Comsure for more details

If Comsure use specialist support (e.g., legal expert), at the outset of any engagement, Comsure will tell you what their fees will be


Following any instruction, and outside of any formal arrangement, the Comsure standard terms of business apply at all times.
These conditions can be found on its website or made available on request.


Standard Comsure face-to-face [live/remote] training FEE

For all standard Comsure face-to-face [live/remote] training [e.g. AML/COMPLIANCE/MLCO Updates], Comsure's minimum fee is £900 for up to a maximum of 20 persons for up to 3hrs

For more than 20 persons attending, there is a maximum fee of £25 per additional person.

What the fee covers:-

  • Administration costs – agreeing on dates and times, inviting delegates, sending training material [e.g. PowerPoint]
  • Preparation of training material – all training is refreshed /updated to reflect current issues
  • Delivery of the training event itself
  • CPD certificates – Comsure will ensure all delegates receive CPD certificates
  • Travel and set up[*] – for face-to-face training, most training requires the Comsure speaker to arrive at least 15 minutes before an event, and after dealing with delegate end-of-session questions, the Comsure speaker leaves at least 15 mins after the end time. Taking account of any journey between Comsure and the training venue Comsure will usually add at least 45 mins to the speaker's time sheet.
  • Technology[*] – if the training is remote, Comsure has invested in MSTEAMS. It also requires Comsure to have an additional employee oversee training to deal with technical issues.

To avoid doubt:-

• The above covers in-house and online training [where applicable*]

Training Cancellations:

• ONCE BOOKING IS MADE, payment is due on demand. A full refund, less 20% per person administrative charge, will be made for cancellations made by letter and received X10 working days before the event.

• After that, Comsure regrets there are no refunds.

Bespoke training

For none standard Comsure face-to-face [live/remote] training, please get in touch with training@comsuregroup.com if you have any questions or would like to request training on a specific topic.

Training Cancellations:

ONCE A BOOKING IS MADE, payment is due on demand. A full refund, less 20% per person administrative charge, will be made for cancellations made by letter and received X10 working days before the event. After that, we regret that there are no refunds.


Comsure provides an OSINT EDD report service that will consider reputational and regulatory risks along with any real or potential links to any criminal/terrorist activities. Comsure consultants that have appropriate training on open sourced information research conduct the research.


As a minimum, any EDD report will cost a minimum of £300.00 and the total amount of time spend will be limited to 1 hour. If, after this x1hr “time-frame” the researcher considers further work is required Comsure will advise the client accordingly.

A basic report will include searching for subscription sites for negative stories, PEP and other high-risk information.


Further to the 1-hour essential report shown above if a more in-depth review is needed or a client wishes to start with an “enhanced” report Comsure start off with a 4-hour preliminary examination at £300.00 per hour per subject (person and or entity).

After this 4 hour examination, we issue our report or beforehand, we advise the client whether we think further work is required and if so how much time we consider is needed.

Please also note, to enable our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigators to do their jobs they need as much information as you are willing to share but must include:

  • Full names – supported with any verification documents e.g. passport and or identification card
  • Residence and citizenship and business location details
  • Family connections
  • Business activities
  • Professional associations/associates

Please note all these fees are correct at the time of publication and Comsure can be contacted at any time to confirm the prices – mathew@comsuregroup.com