The Comsure fees shown are an hourly rate and will which vary due to the nature of the engagement, and any instruction will incur a minimum fee of £100.00 (equivalent to 30 mins). Any time after 30 mins, will be made up of each 15 minutes after that.

The Comsure consultants' net hourly rates range between £195 – £225, (support fees are less) though the rate applicable will be advised to you in advance of any work undertaken. The only time Comsure will exceed these rates is where Comsure use specialist support (e.g., legal expert) Standard rate

In general terms Comsure's rates (outside any pre-agreed project or retainer cost) are as follows:

  • £225.00 an hour = Principal / Senior Consultant / – for example Mathew Beale (MB), Paul Declat, Paul Glazier
  • £195.00 an hour = Director / Senior management e.g. Adam Bendelow
  • £92.50 an hour = Support staff, e.g. Karolina Suchecka

(Please note if you chose the retainer option (see below) the charges for Comsure support staff will be adjusted.  The charges calculated on a 2:1 ration (1 retainer hour [£185.00] = two chargeable hours (£92.50x2=£185.00)

Further to the above, a Comsure client can either

  • "Pay as you go" based on Comsure's regular charge-out rate (above) or
  • "Pay through a Retainer Arrangement" (that offers a discount to the costs above) – contact Comsure for more details

The only time Comsure will exceed these rates is where Comsure use specialist support (e.g., legal expert)

Outside of any formal arrangement Comsure wishes to advise the Comsure standard terms of business apply at all times. These conditions can be found on its website or made available on request. Outside any formal arrangement, please note following any client instruction that Comsure acts on, the instruction will incur a minimum fee of £100 (equivalent to 30 mins).


Our fees vary by the length of the session and the level of specialisation demanded.

As a matter of guidance, we charge between £450 – £650 for up to half-day training sessions and from £950 for a full-day training session.

Please also note additional charges may apply to the above, for example, preparations of training material, research and or travel. When arranging training and before any engagement, these matters will be discussed.


Comsure provides an OSINT EDD report service that will consider reputational and regulatory risks along with any real or potential links to any criminal/terrorist activities. Comsure consultants that have appropriate training on open sourced information research conduct the research.


As a minimum, any EDD report will cost a minimum of £300.00 and the total amount of time spend will be limited to 1 hour. If, after this x1hr “time-frame” the researcher considers further work is required Comsure will advise the client accordingly.

A basic report will include searching for subscription sites for negative stories, PEP and other high-risk information.


Further to the 1-hour essential report shown above if a more in-depth review is needed or a client wishes to start with an “enhanced” report Comsure start off with a 4-hour preliminary examination at £150.00 per hour per subject (person and or entity).

After this 4 hour examination, we issue our report or beforehand, we advise the client whether we think further work is required and if so how much time we consider is needed.

Please also note, to enable our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigators to do their jobs they need as much information as you are willing to share but must include

Full names – supported with any verification documents e.g. passport and or identification card
Residence and citizenship and business location details
Family connections
Business activities
Professional associations/associates
Please note all these fees are correct at the time of publication and Comsure can be contacted at any time to confirm the prices – mathew@comsuregroup.com