Testimonial from a global trust company in Guernsey

A Senior Compliance Officer, Guernsey, a Global-based trust company business

Comsure is delighted to have received the following testimonial following two days of AML/CFT training in Guernsey with a global trust company, senior managers, and client-facing and support employees.

Following the Comsure AML/CFT training on Thursday and Friday [February 2&3], I can offer the following feedback:

The compliance team agreed that the training provided was high-level, engaging, topical and up-to-date in the regulatory environment, especially concerning the history of Moneyval visits to Crown Dependencies and the regulator's response to upcoming visits.

Also, the training regarding personal obligations to report suspicions was particularly strong, and the message was delivered loud and clear.

There was positive feedback from different parts of the business that received training.

The feedback was that the training was interesting, of direct relevance to roles and pitched at a level that suited the audience.

It is not common to receive feedback on this type of training from staff, but in this instance, Comsure has achieved it.

Thank you and kind regards