ihelp | CO-MLROs

ihelp | CO-MLROs

ihelp | CO-MLROs

With the fast pace of changing regulation and the often significant demands on internal resources, it is challenging to keep up with new rules, new risks or changes in the direction of a business.

In these circumstances, CO-MLROs need help, and we can provide the resources that you require to address discrete projects or to provide the necessary support to both implementing new procedures and addressing recently identified issues.

Our compliance support services provide you with a comprehensive quality resource to suit your specific requirements. Established in 2005, our Jersey office has an experienced team of subject matter experts who can provide compliance support to all types of regulated business across the whole spectrum of compliance.

While Comsure cannot undertake Key Person roles, Comsure often supports firms on both a part-time or full-time basis.

Work includes:

   1. CO/MLCO
      a. Day to day compliance work
      b. Assistance with compliance monitoring [CMP] reviews
      c. Training of existing and new staff
      d. Assistance with recruitment
      e. Board reporting/briefing

  1. MLRO
        a. SAR support
          b. SAR investigations
          c. EDD investigations