Advisory & Product support services

Outside of consultancy, Comsure can support its clients through its packaged advisory services.  These services aim to help clients through co-sourcing (not outsourcing!!). To understand what advisory support Comsure can offer, we have illustrated our current offerings below:

Comsure advisory services are run over 6 or 12 months (shorter terms can be agreed) and delivered through a retainer agreement. Where one off pieces of work or limed Comsure does so through its consultancy arm.

One key difference between the two (advise vis-a-vis consultancy) is price. With providing retainer services Comsure can lower its costs whereas the consultancy work is usually more reactive and therefore priced differently.  On meeting your Comsure relationship manager the choice between advise and consultancy will be discussed

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ioversee | CONTROLS

Comsure can assist with systems and controls management. Summarised below is Comsure's approach to helping firms manage and oversee their systems and controls documentation.

itrack | AML

Based on a methodology designed by public and private sector AML experts and mapped against local and international standards. Comsure's Risk Assessment tool (itrack AML) is a web-based solution that delivers a comprehensive, automated risk-based reportable profile of an institution's products, services, geographies and customer entities through a flexible and scalable platform for institutions of all sizes.

isecure | DPO

The information you hold on your clients can be some of the most important and sensitive you maintain. Ensuring that this remains firmly protected is a business critical issue as well as a legislative requirement. By partnering with one of the industry leading technology companies, isecure DPO provides a practical and cost effective solution.

iassist | AML-CFT

Comsure is regularly requested to assist businesses on AML/CFT matters.

isearch | SANCTIONS

Businesses are required to check their customer details against international sanctions lists, on an on-going basis, as it is prohibited to carry out transactions with a listed individual and/or organisation and/or countries. Also, you must know if a client is a PEP or an at-risk client due to harmful data. With this requirement, Comsure has a solution.

itrain | CPD

Comsure provides training on a wide range of matters and likes to tailor its training to the specific audience and type of business and welcome all requests for bespoke training.

iencrypt | DATA

Comsure, along with its encryption tool Galaxkey, will provide data protection in-store as well as in transit.

ihelp | CO-MLROs

It is not unusual for financial services businesses to experience a turnover of compliance personnel, which leaves them with temporary resourcing issues pending the arrival of permanent replacements.


It can take a surprising amount of time to produce and maintain comprehensive and tailored governance documents for a business.

iprotect | HOME

Working from Home? Compare Benefits vs Risks.

iscreen | CMP

Our clients ask us to help with every area of compliance monitoring plan (framework), Comsure is here to help.

iexplain | RULES

The team at Comsure have significant and wide-ranging experience and knowledge of Jersey financial services regulation, having undertaken senior compliance and risk roles in industry as well as working for the regulator in a senior role.

isupport | GOVERNANCE

Corporate governance is something with which we are all increasingly familiar but unfortunately often misunderstood.

imonitor | ERM

Regulatory Risk Management is critical, and serves a vital role in the long term viability of all businesses. imonitor | ERM can provide a practical and cost effective solution tailored to your business.

iremotely | TRAIN

Whether your employees are located in another country/city or just down the hall, training is an essential part of the development process, not only for the newly hired employees but also for others, throughout their career lifecycle.

ianalyse | EDD

Comsure provides an OSINT EDD report service that will consider reputational and regulatory risks along with any real or potential links to any criminal/terrorist activities.