Excellent feedback from Director, Multi-Jurisdictional Corporate Service Provider

Director, Multi-Jurisdictional Corporate Service Provider

We would like to thank Comsure for a pragmatic and cost effective solution and completion to our summer compliance project.

What was most impressive was how you distributed work-loads among your team.  This distribution resulted in your charges remaining manageable. Unlike other quotes from your peer competitors, it seems Comsure can charge lower rates for lower level tasks rather than Directors charging themselves out for admin activity.

By way of background – following the acquisition of another regulated company (tripping our size and geographical footprint) and the resultant identification that some of our existing systems and controls would be inadequate regarding scale and scope to meet the needs of the business and regulatory requirements, you came to our help. Although our demands and timetable were aggressive Comsure delivered all the core work within the summer months, on time and budget. The project work included the following:

  1. A new compliance monitoring plan and methodology bespoke to the firm’s requirements
  2. A new risk management framework and risk register, ensuring there is a direct collaboration with the company’s risk profile and regulatory licences
  3. Drafting and redrafting of policies and procedures where they were missing or inadequate
  4. Implementation of a new financial crime policy, controls and training for staff
  5. Introduction of a new Training and Competency Framework

We will be seeking your support again and would recommend your services.

Thank you Comsure