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isearch | SANCTIONS

isearch | SANCTIONS

The Issue

Businesses are required to check their customer details against international sanctions lists, on an on-going basis, as it is prohibited to carry out transactions with a listed individual and/or organisation and/or countries. Also, you must know if a client is a PEP or an at-risk client due to harmful data. With this requirement, Comsure has a solution, as shown below.

ITrackAML and Sanctions solution

  • With the above in mind, Comsure can assist you in UN/EU/HMT Sanctions (also consider OFAC) checks.
  • We can also build in risk (e.g. PEP) and harmful news data if needed.
  • The solution is known as ComsureITrackAML-Sanctions, and summarised below are some benefits

ITrackAML-Sanctions Offers value for money

  1. With our single pricing model (not per user); the size and complexity of your customer data dictate the costs not the number of users
  2. is a powerful, easy-to-use system that significantly reduces the time and effort to perform checks against the listed targets.
  3. It has a unique combination of capabilities that offers a practical and pragmatic solution to your requirements.
  4. Is developed on the Microsoft .Net platform and SQL server; this allows integration into your business systems.

ITrackAML-Sanctions is versatile and gives you:

  1. Rapid Implementation – Simply implement as a standalone application with the option to integrate directly with your existing systems later.
  2. Savings of Time and Effort – Our optimised search features and false-positive management take a fraction of the time to use compared with manual lookups and less sophisticated products.
  3. Security and Auditability – Client information remains stored within your network, and our audit trail function helps demonstrate that your organisation is compliant

ITrackAML-Sanctions will deliver :

  1. Knowledge – the capability to demonstrate compliance with audit trails
  2. Transparency – improved search features to reduce screening time
  3. Simplicity – integration directly with your existing systems
  4. Speed – ability to automatically generate reports
  5. Cost control – greater control and transparency over costs with a usage-based pricing model

ITrackAML-Sanctions will offer the following benefits:

  1. Accurate – Minimise false positives through our intelligent fuzzy search
  2. Quick – Massively reduce time spent screening targets
  3. Simple – Easy to learn and adapt without complex configuration
  4. Cost-Effective – Greater control and transparency with usage-based pricing
  5. Data protection – your client information is stored only on your network helping to ensure the safety of your data