iexplain | RULES

iexplain | RULES

iexplain | RULES

iexplain | RULES is about Interpreting regulatory rules and translating them into business requirements.

Since the global economic crisis of 2008, the regulatory environment has become more convoluted than ever before.  The pace and volume of change have increased dramatically.  Financial institutions everywhere are striving to meet these increasingly complicated regulatory rules.

Firms need assistance in understanding and dealing with these new and sometimes conflicting series of regulations.

Comsure help financial institutions translate the complexities of regulatory rules into tangible business requirements.  Our experts analyse the regulatory requirements and assess their impact on business and technology processes.

We work with our clients to resolve conflicting interpretations and ambiguities of regulatory rules and define system and business process to achieve compliance.

Comsure welcomes all questions and enquiries, regardless of their nature and complexity.

  1. Regulatory licence applications
  2. Managing communications with the regulator (e.g. JFSC/GFSC/ICO) on specific matters
  3. Financial resource and ANLA requirements
  4. Data Protection [GDPR] Matters