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Would you approve gifts worth £40++MILLIONS into your structure? And if so, how would you justify such generosity?


A Guardian investigation has found that the former owner of Chelsea passed the ownership of the $40 million 50m superyacht 'Aquamarine' to a Jersey company.

The Aquamarine is the fifth yacht recently linked to Abramovich, who was placed under sanctions by the UK and EU for his reported links to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

His fleet includes two megayachts worth more than $1bn, moved to Turkey after Abramovich was blacklisted, and two smaller boats currently moored in the Caribbean.

Abramovich's associate, Russian businessman David Davidovich, confirmed to the newspaper that he was the owner of

  • Aquamarine


  • MHC Jersey Ltd.


Company Number EXTUID_313383

Native Company Number - 122055

Status - Live

Incorporation Date - 7 September 2016 (over 5 years ago)

Company Type - RC - Registered Private Company

Jurisdiction - Jersey

Registered Address - 50 La Colomberie St Helier Jersey JE2 4QB Jersey

Directors / Officers - ZEDRA TRUST COMPANY (JERSEY) LIMITED, administrator

Registry Page -

Mr Davidovich also said he was the majority owner of

  • The British Virgin Islands-listed Norma Investments,
  • A vehicle that is listed as the only shareholder of MHC Jersey Ltd.

The Wall Street Journal earlier reported, based on securities filings, that ownership of the Norma Investments, previously believed to be controlled by Abramovich, shifted to Davidovich the day Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February.

The restructuring was seen by experts as a way to avert the possible freezing of some of Abramovich's assets.

Norma Investments, which had been named as a company belonging to Abramovich in several public filings in the past, had served as a vehicle for venture capital investments