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Whistleblowing now and in the future including EU 12/2021 DEADLINE

The issue
  1. Currently less than half of all EU countries have whistleblower protection legislation in place, and by the same token, thousands of organisations will need to set up new, or revise their existing, whistleblowing systems and policies.
  2. By December 2021, all EU member countries will have to meet the minimum standards provided by the new EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.
What To Do
  1. Here is an overview of FAQs relating to the new requirements and what companies should be doing.
  2. What is important for companies to keep in mind is that the Directive sets only minimum standards to ensure effective whistleblower protection.
  3. Organisations will be required to appoint a person or persons with the right competence to manage reports professionally and requires processes that include prompt response, diligent follow-up and timely feedback.
  4. It also requires companies to implement a secure system to handle the reports, prevent access to non-authorised staff members and retain the confidentiality of both the whistleblower and anybody mentioned in the report, throughout the entire case.
  5. Companies will also be obligated to inform employees clearly about their rights and options for reporting externally to competent authorities.