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UN investigating UAE companies for suspected breach of Libya arms embargo


The FT has reported that a shipment by 3 UAE-based companies of 11,0000 tonnes of jet fuel, which had a market value of nearly $5m, to eastern Libya is currently under investigation by a UN Panel of Experts.

A UN spokesperson said that the shipment of the jet fuel to Benghazi, the headquarters of opposition forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, was considered to be “combat supplies”, which would constitute a breach of the UN arms embargo implemented under UNSC Resolution 1970 (2011).

Ms Williams, the UN envoy, said:

  • “We are very concerned about this incident given that the illicit import of jet fuel by the parallel eastern National Oil Corporation would very likely be used to support LNA air force operations, as the legitimate Tripoli-based NOC is already supplying sufficient amounts of jet fuel for commercial use.”