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UK OFSI issue Afghanistan sanction guidance


The context in Afghanistan is changing. There remains uncertainty over the form of a future government, but the Taliban has a number of sanctioned individuals in positions of authority within the organisation.

OFSI reminds businesses that UN sanctions are already in place against individuals and entities associated with the Taliban.

Given this heightened risk context, those engaging or considering engaging in any financial activity in relation to Afghanistan should:

For charities operating in the region, please refer to


The UK government supports the UN in coordinating the immediate international humanitarian response in the region.

OFSI recognises the concerns and challenges that NGOs and financial institutions may have at this time.

The UK will continue to uphold its international obligations, ensuring that our efforts do not unnecessarily disrupt, delay or discourage legitimate humanitarian activity.

Please note that members of the Taliban are listed under the UN Afghanistan regime.

Individuals and entities with links to the Afghan Taliban are also listed under the ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida sanctions regime.