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Request for appointment information for Principal and Key Persons


We note from our records that some of the businesses we regulate have not let us know the appointment dates for certain Principal and Key Persons within their organisations.

While it's the Principal and Key Person’s responsibility to notify us of their appointment date, their employer has an obligation to give us relevant information as required.

Businesses can provide us with effective appointment dates by logging onto the myJFSC Portal and completing the online form.

We’ve provided instructions on how to update appointments via myJFSC portal.

If the person no longer works for the organisation, we need confirmation of the date they were appointed and ceased to act. Equally, if they did not proceed with their appointment, we need to know this information.

If the position is a recent one and the person has not started yet leave it out and complete at a later date.

If you need to provide us with information about appointments within your organisation, please complete the form via the myJFSC portal by 11 February 2020.