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Oligarchs Planes Trains And Automobiles + Putin's yacht renamed 'FCKPTN'


Russians with means seem eager to get their assets as far from Russia as possible.

In one of the latest displays of the power of the internet, a Twitter account called Russian Oligarch Jets appeared just yesterday that tracks the current movement of the private aircraft of the likes of

  • Roman Abramovich (one of his jets landed in Latvia yesterday) and
  • Alexander Abramov (one of his planes recently landed in Abu Dhabi, another in Munich).

Another @PutinJet, is also tracking planes owned by Putin and Russian VIPS.

Meanwhile, other internet sleuths are tracking oligarch-owned yachts.

Not that foreign shores will necessarily be friendly:

  • A Ukrainian sailor in Mallorca was arrested this weekend for sabotaging the $8 million yacht of Russian arms dealer Alexander Mikheev, and
  • The hacker community renamed Putin's yacht from 'Graceful' to 'FCKPTN' and set its destination to "hell'.