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Mauritius reports on a £3.35 million fraud that sounds like a Malware Fraud


David Franklin invested £3.35 million of his family savings in Mauritius and lost it [all of it]. It is the story of how around Rs200 million vanished without a trace.

Although limited in facts, this story sounds like a fraud perpetrated by Malware.

As noted in the story

  • A hacker had hacked into emails and convinced him, his wife and his brother to transfer £3.35 million to a Hong Kong company with which I had no ties!

This story sounds familiar to the following 2019 Mauritius management company electronic fraud:-

  • The ICAC started an investigation in February 2019 into suspicious transactions between several offshore companies for $ 3.6 million.
  • During the investigation, the Management Company of these offshore companies, Sphere Management Ltd,

If you don't take data protection seriously, these incidents will happen.