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Malta FIAU Guidance Note on the Money Laundering Reporting Officer


To provide additional complementary guidance on the role of the MLRO, the FIAU has issued a Guidance document that summarises, in a concise manner, the replies to some of the most common issues, concerns and queries that arise concerning the MLRO.

The FIAU trusts that this will enhance subject persons' understanding of the importance of this role and ensure that anyone appointed as MLRO or holding the said position can exercise the associated functions effectively.

It is worth highlighting that this document is not to be read in isolation but is to be read together with the Implementing Procedures and any other guidance issued by the FIAU on the MLRO.

This Guidance Note is

  • Issued in terms of Regulation 17 of the Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Regulations
  • Not a standalone document but is to be read together with the PMLFTR and the applicable Implementing Procedures, including any sector-specific Implementing Procedures that may contain directions on the MLRO.

Guidance Document