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Latest complaint numbers and CIFO's Update


CIFO latest complaint numbers

Complaint numbers for October – December 2021 have been published on the CIFO website. Brief headlines are given here. For further information please see the report.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, CIFO received 100 complaints and opened 66 new case files – these are complaints that are within CIFO’s remit as set by law. Of the new case files opened this quarter, the top products were: current accounts (33%), other insurance (20%) and health insurance (8%). The top issues complained about were: poor administration or delay (50%), fees and charges (12%), and refusal of service (9%).

In the fourth quarter of the year, 116 complaints were closed, of these:

  • 27% could not be dealt with as they were outside the scope of CIFO's mandate as set by law;
  • 64% were mediated or determined by the Ombudsman; and,
  • 9% were withdrawn by the complainant after coming to CIFO.

Under half (37%) of the 75 mediated or determined complaints were found in favour of the complainant, with the remaining complaints (63%) found in favour of the financial services provider.

For more information, please see the full report.  A more detailed analysis of CIFO’s experience with complaints across the whole of 2021 will be provided in CIFO’s 2021 annual report which will be published in the summer.

CIFO's Website

We have refreshed our website. CIFO’s updated website includes changes to the navigation page, with new drop-down menus for both “Consumers” and “Financial Services Providers”. The “Consumers” page provides a brief overview, with some frequently asked questions, a list of complaints we can assist with and CIFO’s complaint form. The “Financial Services Providers” page provides some insights on unresolved complaints, resolving a complaint, information on CIFO’s funding structure and some frequently asked questions.

We still have our “News & Publications” page which contains all CIFO publications; our annual reports, newsletters, statistics, agreements, consultations and CIFO’s policies and approaches.

We hope you like the changes and if you have any feedback, please let us know by contacting Carol Rabet on +44 1534 748610 or

CIFO's 2022 Levy Consultation

CIFO is currently consulting on its 2022 levies. You can view the Consultation Paper 19 here. We would like to remind you that the closing date for responses from financial services providers and industry associations, as well as any other interested parties is Thursday 10 February 2022.

Please send any response in writing by email to or by post to Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman, P O Box 114, Jersey, JE4 9QG.


The Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO) is an independent office that resolves complaints about financial services provided in or from the Channel islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.

As an alternative to the court system, we provide an impartial and prompt resolution of complaints. We work informally and confidentially, our service is free and legal representation is not needed.