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Junior Lawyer of the Year [2026] struck off from the roll of the solicitors of the Jersey Court


On the 10th March 2022, the Jersey Royal court struck off Julie Ann Harrigan from the roll of the solicitors of the Jersey Court.

Julie Ann Harrigan was sent to prison in November 2021 for three years for a gross breach of trust.

Julie Ann Harrigan (36) transferred more than £29,000 from the bank accounts of an elderly woman in a care home into her personal account over a two-year period.

When that account began to deplete, she topped it up using money from another estate she was in charge of.

This money was bequeathed by a deceased lady to charity.

More than £18,000 was supposed to go to the JSCPA but instead it went into the other woman’s account, which Harrigan continued to draw money from.

Named Junior Lawyer of the Year by the Law Society of Jersey in 2016 and rising to become Head of Wills and Estates at Collas Crill, Harrigan was the 76-year-old’s legal Curator and had sworn an oath in the Royal Court promising to manage her financial affairs honestly.

Harrigan made 46 transactions of between £200 and £2,000 from October 2015 until September 2017 into her own account.