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JFSC Updated guidance for examinations (is this an early warning of a lockdown?)


In April the JFSC revised its examinations processes and timetable due to the disruption caused by COVID-19.

In line with latest Government developments relating to working practices, it has reviewed the extended timelines and are largely reverting to normal working practices, albeit remotely

Their On-site examinations guidance is as follows:

  1. For the remainder of 2020 the JFSC will continue to conduct the ‘on-site’ element of our examinations remotely.
  2. The JFSC will do this through desk-based reviews of the material they ask you to submit. If the JFSC have any questions, they will direct them to a designated member of your team, who can co-ordinate your responses via e-mail or the myJFSC portal (myJFSC).
  3. The JFSC will continue to conduct examination meetings and interview key members of your team, but they will hold these by telephone or video conference, as appropriate. At least two members of JFSC staff will attend all virtual interviews.
  4. The JFSC will review this position before year end and provide an update with regards to planned activity for 2021.

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