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JFSC share personal employee details with Jersey government – “it may be time to dust down your employee privacy statements”


JFSC Data sharing with the Minister for External Relations and Financial Services (Industry update - 02 August 2021).


The Government of Jersey has asked the JFSC to share the contact information that it holds for the MONEY LAUNDERING COMPLIANCE/REPORTING OFFICERS of the businesses it supervise for anti-money laundering/countering terrorist financing.

These businesses include accountants, estate agents, lawyers, lenders and other Schedule 2 businesses.

So that the Minister for External Relations and Financial Services can engage directly with supervised businesses about sanctions compliance matters, the JFSC will be sharing the following data with Government:

  1. Business name
  2. Contact details
  3. Supervised activities that the business undertakes.

The JFSC may provide this information through legal gateways without notifying you, but the JFSC wanted to let industry know about this particular request, as it is important for businesses in Jersey to understand how the JFSC, Government and other agencies work together.

The JFSC also encourage everyone to sign up to receive email alerts for sanctions notices published both


Read the JFSC update here