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JFSC Customer Due Diligence follow up webinar on 10 March at 14:00


On Wednesday, 10 March at 14:00, the following JFSC personal will host a CUSTOMER DUE DILIGENCE webinar.

  • Hamish Armstrong - Chief Adviser Financial Crime,
  • Caroline Morgan - International and Industry Engagement Co-ordinator, and
  • Someone from the JFSC  Supervision team (to be named)
This webinar
  1. Builds on the information shared in the JFSC  Covid-19 implications for customer due diligence webinarlast year
  2. And is a direct response to requests from Industry to host more sessions.

It also forms part of the JFSC  focus on financial crime outreach and education, as outlined in the JFSC  business plan.

The webinar will cover:
  • Use of technology in customer due diligence, including
    • A reminder of good and bad practice
  • Practical implications arising from the FATF listing process –
    • What this means concerning the Customer Due Diligence processes and customer relationships
  • An overview of the JFSC  Q1 2021 thematic work, which has a due diligence focus

You will have the chance to ask questions during the webinar, and the JFSC  will share a copy of the recording after it has taken place.

You sign up for this event on the JFSC  Eventbrite page.