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Jersey Royal court worried about crime and will, in the public interest, publish its judgment


The Jersey Royal Court sat on 14th July 2021 to hear an argument about whether or not it was empowered to give [and publish] its judgment in this case [Hore v Valmorbida] and, if it was authorised, whether it should exercise its discretion to do so.

And the last few paragraphs in this case [Hore v Valmorbida 30-Sep-2021] make for interesting reading:

  • Accordingly, we were unanimously of the view that it was in the public interest for a judgment to be delivered in this case.
  • 51.      In addition to the matters ventilated in argument which we have set out above, the Jurats, in retirement, expressed the view that Mr Valmorbida appears still to own companies in Jersey and has service providers looking after his interests. 

It is important that they know of the findings that the Court has made in this case.

  • 52.      We do not know the extent to which the regulator is aware of the activities of Mr Valmorbida and the extent to which, if at all, the assets of the company may be the proceeds of, or connected to, crimes committed by Mr Valmorbida, should it be the case that any of these activities amount to crimes. 

There were certainly significant concerns arising from the evidence in relation to:

  • Mr Valmorbida’s tax status and
  • His attempts, on the evidence of the Plaintiff (which we accepted), to disguise his tax residence.
  • 53.      In conclusion, we have no doubt that it is in the public interest to publish a judgment in this case.


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