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Jersey prepares for the 2023 MONEYVAL assessment – see the event slides


On Thursday, 14 July 2022 Jersey government held an event to outline a roadmap for the future and update on the past 18 months' work as Jersey prepares for the 2023 MONEYVAL assessment.

This event

  • Looked at the last 18 months of changes.
  • Set out a roadmap for the future, including the preparations for the MONEYVAL assessment next year and how the industry will play its part in that process.
  • Topics included risk, trends, policy and practical application of Jersey's financial crime prevention regime.
  • Had speakers from Government, the Jersey Financial Services Commission, MONEYVAL assessors and world experts on financial crime,

The slides are here

JFSC slides from Moneyval event on 14 July 2022

Slides from 'Combatting Financial Crime – the Road to Moneyval and beyond' held on 14 July 2022