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Jersey JFCU [FIU] minor changes to SAR template on POLSAR – in effect from Tuesday 6 July 2021


To improve the prioritisation of Jersey SARs received and enhancing statistical reporting capabilities in respect of SARs the FIU has effected some minor changes to the POLSAR SAR Template came into effect on 6 July 2021.

The changes relate to certain fields that will now become compulsory to populate as follows:

  • Under the Nominal Section – Gender, Nationality and PEP.
  • Under the Statistical Section – Disclosure Type, Criminality Suspected, Nature of Institution and Grounds for Disclosure.

If left unpopulated, you will be presented with a warning notice identifying what fields are required to be populated, and you will also not be able to proceed through the SAR submission process until all compulsory fields have been populated.

The FIU appreciate there may be occasions where you do not hold the relevant information and therefore an option, for example ‘Unknown’ is an available choice, but should not be seen as an automatic default option especially where the requested information is held or known.

The provision of relevant information on the SAR Template not only assists the FIU in prioritising SARs received, but also allows it to provide meaningful output as it works to better inform industry of current trends and typologies as part of its increased outreach and engagement.