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Jersey Financial Intelligence Unit (JFIU - JFCU) POLSAR UPDATE: going live on 1 February 2022


In anticipation of the new SAR Template going live on 1 February 2022, please note:

  1. POLSAR will be unavailable between 4pm on Monday 31 January 2022, and 11am Tuesday 1 February 2022.
    1. If you have a matter which requires a report to be submitted urgently during this time, please contact the Jersey Financial Intelligence Unit on 612250 (regular working hours) to discuss.
  2. In moving over to the new SAR Template, this is a reminder that any reports held in your pending area will be removed and not replaced.
  3. In anticipation of the 1ST FEB, please ensure current SARS are
    1. submitted in advance of the changeover or
    2. extracted to be submitted on the New SAR Template.
  1. A function of the New SAR Template is that you will now receive an automated acknowledgement of your submission generated by the FIU’s grading process.
    1. The acknowledgement will come from the JFCU Admin email address and
    2. The acknowledgement will be sent to the submitter email address inserted in the report.
    3. Please, therefore, ensure this email is correct before submitting the report.