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Jersey Email Alert Service - Financial Sanctions Notices [Official]


New email alert service for Financial Sanctions Notices ("Notices") that has been launched by External Relations.

Notices of changes to asset freeze designations in force in Jersey will now be published on the Jersey Gazette

You can register to receive email alerts when a new Notice has been published.

Attached are 'how to' instructions on registering for Notices and locating them on

Notices will be published when:

  • individuals or entities have been designated for the purpose of an asset-freeze
  • the details of existing asset-freeze designations (e.g. identifying information) have been changed
  • individuals or entities are no longer subject to an asset-freeze

The Notices will include identifying information on the asset-freeze designations and what you must do, as well as legislative details and other relevant information.

Detailed guidance on financial sanctions can be found on the

JFSC website.

Contact JERSEYGOV with any queries at