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Jersey - Charges of attempted insurance fraud dropped


A BUSINESSMAN and his colleague accused of trying to defraud an insurance company have walked free from court after the charges against them were dropped.

Gary Whipp, the chief executive of telecoms firm Newtel, and employee Sabri Mokrani (41), were both told that the case against them was being discontinued during a hearing in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Both had previously pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to defraud an insurance firm following a collision involving a company vehicle last year.

Yesterday, legal adviser Paul Lee said that no evidence was being offered by the prosecution.

Advocate James Bell, representing 58-year-old Mr Whipp, made an application for costs incurred by his client during the case.

He also questioned why, if there had been no evidence, the charge had been pursued in the first place.

Advocate Mike Preston, representing Mr Mokrani, also made an application for costs incurred by his client.

Assistant Magistrate Peter Harris did not address Advocate Bell’s question about why the charges had been pursued. He then dismissed the charges against the two men and approved the application for costs in their favour.

The JEP contacted Mr Whipp but he said he was unable to comment.