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Jersey amends Russian sanctions [amendment No5) in line with the UK


On Wednesday 6 April the UK Foreign Secretary announced a significant ratcheting up of UK sanctions on Russia to starve Putin's war machine.

Following the UK Jersey has updated its Russian sanctions order on the 19th of April 2022 Coming into force 20th April 2022

The minister for external relations and financial services made this amendment no 5 Order under Article 3 of the Sanctions and Asset-Freezing (Jersey) Law 2019

The amendment was to

  • Schedule 1 (UK sanctions instruments implemented) amended

In the table in Schedule 1 to the Sanctions and Asset-Freezing (Implementation of External Sanctions) (Jersey) Order 2021,

  • In column 5 of the row labelled “Russia” after “46A(1),” THERE IS INSERTED “46B(2), 46E(1), 46F(1),”.

The column 5 regulations can be found here

And extracted below