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Is Jersey 2018 $23.3 million money laundering case connected to SG Hambros Bank £719,451.21 fine?  


Following today's JFSC civil financial penalties totalling £719,451.21 against three SG Kleinwort Hambros firms, JFSC Director General, Martin Moloney has said

  • "There is no evidence the three SGKH firms facilitated financial crime".

In light of the above, I am reminded about a money laundering case from 2018

A SOUTH African fishing magnate who made a fortune selling illegally caught lobster held hi millions of pounds held at SSG Hambros Bank (Channel Islands) Limited in Jersey.

Around $23.3 million of Mr Bengis' money was 'held by three companies with SG Hambros Bank (Channel Islands) Limited in Jersey' according to a judgment issued by the Royal Court setting out its reasons for rejecting the appeal.

In 2018 the Jersey Royal Court has decided to maintain a freeze on the assets of Arnold Bengis, who admitted his involvement in a conspiracy to land huge amounts of the prized shellfish in excess of permitted quotas between 1999 until 2001.