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Introducing Forensic Finance, a podcast exploring how banks can help solve global issues


Ever listened to This American Life, the mother of all storytelling podcasts?

If not, you should. If yes, you know it’s a weekly podcast that runs about an hour per episode. It’s made by a team of about 20 people.

I’ve always been impressed by the frequency and quality of their output. After creating a podcast for TNW, I’m in complete awe. Turns out: podcast making might be the least time-efficient way to tell a story. At the same time, it was completely worth it.

At TNW, we’re proud to present our very first podcast, Forensic Finance, made with the help of  Dutch bank ABN AMRO. Every episode, we look into urgent global problems — such as human rights violations and environmental issues — and ways technology and finance can help fight them. 

“Without tooting the self-congratulatory trumpet too hard, I think this podcast turned out excellent,” said TNW editor in chief Alejandro Tauber. “The subject is both interesting and shocking, the stories and solutions are well told by our gracious guests, and the production – including dramatic music made at our direction, which made me feel like a cool ad executive – is great. I’m a proud person.”

The first episode of Forensic Finance discusses human trafficking, with more than 40 million people believed to be victims around the world. It’s up to governments, organizations, and society as a whole to battle this evil  — and one solution is to analyze bank data. 

What’s it like to be a victim of human trafficking? How can technology and finance help develop a solution? Listen to the first episode of Forensic Finance to find out.

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