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Guernsey - the GFSREA cloned the GFSC


The GFSC has advised that an entity claiming to be the Guernsey Financial Services and Regulatory Enforcement Authority's website [] closely resemble the Commission's website.

THE GFSC state the GFSREA is not associated with it, and the Licensees and the public must not confuse the two and not visit the website nor click on any links contained in it.

And the GFSC reminded Firms of the guidance available to them in the Commission's Cyber Rules and Guidance, 2021 and, in particular, the need to ensure the

  1. Firm and its staff exercise caution and vigilance by not clicking on or opening unfamiliar links in emails;
  2. has appropriate cyber security software in place;
  3. implements IT systems updates promptly;
  4. notifies the Commission if it is subject to a significant cyber security event.

Update regarding cloned website - 28th January 2022

  1. On Wednesday 26th January, the Commission reported that it had become aware of a website that had been established, cloning the Commission's own website.
  2. Since becoming aware of the matter, the Commission submitted abuse notifications to the domain registrar and the hosting provider and reported the URL as malicious to the appropriate authorities.
  3. And the cloned website's domain has been closed and cannot be accessed anymore.