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EGMONT -  Counter-Terrorist Financing Project - Lone Actors and Small Cells (Public Summary)


JULY 2019 - During the 26th Egmont Group Plenary meeting in The Hague, The Netherlands, the Heads of FIU (HoFIU) endorsed the Egmont Information Exchange Working Group's (IEWG's) final report on

  • The Counter-Terrorist Financing Project: Lone Actors and Small Cells,
  • Together with its Public Summary.

By examining more than 120 recent case incidents, the report identifies ways to better respond to the threat of lone actor and small cell terrorist attacks on public safety.

The report highlights trends, methods, the role of financial intelligence and specifies indicators related to terrorism and terrorism financing activities of lone actors and small cells.

The report is intended for financial intelligence units (FIUs) that are members of the Egmont Group, their respective law-enforcement counterparts, and national security services.

The Public Summary provides an overview of the report, highlighting the methodology and definitions used as well as some key findings.

The report will not be disclosed to the general public as it contains sensitive information.

However, FIUs will use the report to inform their competent domestic authorities in order to improve the detection of this terrorism financing scheme.

The Public Summary can be found here.