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COVID-19 VACCINE bribery, corrupt fraud and embezzlement and diversion in BANGLADESH, UGANDA, AND ZAMBIA


A report focuses on corruption in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in three different focus countries: Bangladesh, Uganda and Zambia.

It aims to shed light on the prevalence of different types of corruption in relation to the rollout, discuss their potential drivers, and explores prospective avenues for their prevention and mitigation.

The report reviews three types of corruption during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout: bribery, corrupt fraud and embezzlement and diversion. analysis is based on primary data, reports and observations collected as part of its work in the three countries – they triangulated findings with a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature as well as online news reports.

The report aims to contribute to the rapidly developing evidence base on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout by offering a perspective that has so far often been overlooked and neglected:

  • The widespread prevalence and adverse impact of corruption.

Furthermore, it intends to expand our understanding of corruption in the health sector and offer some novel insights into the issue of corruption in vaccine delivery.

This research was made possible by funding from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.