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Consultation on merging and changes the JFSC AML/CFT Handbooks


Last month, the JFSC announced they would be consulting Industry on proposed changes to the JFSC AML/CFT Handbooks. And now they have launched their consultation with the deadline for feedback on 7 January 2022.

The JFSC proposal deals with the following x3 matters:

  1. Merge into one Consolidated Handbook:
  • Handbook for regulated financial services business,
  • Handbook for the accountancy sector,
  • Handbook for the legal sector and H
  • Handbook for estate agents and high value dealers
  1. Extend the scope of the AML/CFT Codes of Practice and guidance notes to cover all supervised persons.
  2. Add new AML/CFT Codes of Practice in respect of electronic identification (E-ID), electronic statements/utility bills and certification of documents.