Comsure Mauritius AML Training Designed to Comply with the Latest Updates and the new normal


Comsure has designed its MAURITIUS training to comply with Regulation 22(1)(c) of FIAML Regulations 2018 and the Regulatory AML codes and guides (e.g., FSC/BOM/AG office, etc.) [“THE RULES”]

Since June 2020 this training has been successfully rolled out by way of zoom/Teams (and other platforms).  See the testimonials


The “rules” require Mauritian AML regulated firms to:       

  1. Provide appropriate training to directors, officers and employees;
  2. Ensure all employees are fully aware of all applicable legislative requirements;
  3. Understand how to analyse information and documentation competently;
  4. To know how to form an opinion on whether there is a link between any transaction[s] and action[s] to money laundering or terrorism financing;
  5. Understand the reporting procedures employees will follow if there are any suspicions or links to money laundering or terrorism financing

In light of the “rules” the training will cover:

  1. The FIAMLA, FIAML Regulations 2018, and AML/CFT Code (and any guidance) issued by the FSC/BOM;
  2. The implications of non-compliance by employees to requirements of FIAMLA, FIAML Regulations 2018, any AML/ CFT Code (and any guidance issued by the FSC /BOM;
  3. Internal Policies, procedures and controls to foresee, prevent and detecting ML and TF; and
  4. The consequences of failing one or more of the above.

Read the flyer for more information [click here]