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COMSURE “lunch and learn” CPD - The “OLD NORMAL” is back


As we start coming out of lockdown, many firms are looking at what needs to be done, including CPD training. And it seems 1st June has triggered a return to getting back on track.

With this, I’m pleased that Comsure clients and a few new faces have asked for a June 2020 regulatory/AML update (or as we like to call these sessions “lunch and learn” (although they can happen at any time)).  If you want to know about this month’s topics, please contact me or about the training plan click here for more details

The benefits of frequent CPD training is innumerable, but as you know, up-to-date, real-life information is critical for maintaining competence and mitigation of risk.   As can be seen in the Equity Trust failure and JFSC £115,575.00 fine [] taking your eye off the ball can be costly.

In delivering this training, Comsure can now do so remotely. Although we are happy to use “Zoom”(or other platforms), Comsure is utilising a platform called Demio []. Demio allows Comsure to manage registrations (and therefore CPD certificates, etc.) and it is also easy to use, secure and stable.

Yours sincerely