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Comsure can offer its Channel Island, Mauritian and Seychellois clients with a 14 day free trial of Galaxkey's Secure Workspace


Galaxkey's Secure Workspace provides your organisation with a cost-effective way to share large volumes of data securely.

You can also try using the Galaxkey Workspace and share files and work on files collaboratively with your contacts.

Providing full virus checking and instant encryption a Secure Workspace can be used to communicate and share large amounts of data both with team members and with external customers.

Your organisation can control how this data is accessed and viewed, providing an auditable and managed data situation.

With an option to host the service in-house, Galaxkey Workspace is perfect for security-conscious companies who want to ensure data is resident in their network and territory.

Take a 14-day free ride - Experience Securing Emails & Documents and Collaborate Securely using Galaxkey Workspace. You can experience the usage of Galaxkey on Web, Windows and Mobile Devices.

No credit card is required to start the trial and its completely free.

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