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COMSURE AML risk assessment tool sparks fresh interest


Comsure has developed a simple but effective risk measurement online tool (currently called “itrackAML”).

Along with local requirements (JFSC/GRF, MFSC, SFSA etc.) ITrack meets the standards required by international regulatory bodies and international standard setters such as

ITrack provides a bulletproof system to allow firms to demonstrate to “Regulators” the robustness of their AML systems, including

  1. Client Take On,
  2. Verification*,
  3. Risk Assessments,
  4. Monitoring,
  5. Management reporting (e.g. Pie/Bar summary graphs)
  6. Reporting (Inc. Suspicious Activity Reports [SARs]) and
  7. Record-Keeping (and GDPR data management)

*As an enhancement to the core functionality of iTrackRisk, Comsure can also offer ITrackSanctions - ITrackSanctions offers data screening through APIs into Sanction data (OFAC, UN, EU*) and Politically Exposed Person [PEP] [and other high-risk information] and Adverse Media data through a dedicated matching engine and Data suppliers such as:

  • World-Check, Dow Jones (*) - [*Please note we can, if so requested, work with other data providers if so directed - if we can API into them, we can work with them!!].

These data sets can be matched singularly or batched as and when requested.

For further information, and see at a glance the core functionality of iTrackRisk