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"BEST AML EGMONT CASES - Financial Analysis Cases 2014–2020."


The Egmont Group and the Technical Assistance and Training Working Group are proud to announce the publication of the "BEST EGMONT CASES - Financial Analysis Cases 2014–2020."

This book marks the second iteration of the BECA competition's compilation of case studies, the first having been published in 2015.

The second BECA book, containing 26 case studies, highlights a variety of ML/TF typologies, including:

  1. Bribery and Corruption
  2. Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency
  3. Drug Trafficking
  4. Fraud and Embezzlement
  5. Smuggling and Gambling
  6. Trade-Based Money Laundering and Third-Party Money Laundering
  7. Terrorism, Organized Crime and Human Trafficking

The BECA provides an opportunity to highlight the member FIUs' valuable contributions to the fight against AML/CFT.

With the publication of BEST EGMONT CASES - Financial Analysis Cases 2014–2020, readers will observe the evolution of money laundering and terrorist financing typologies and predicate offences around the globe.

It is anticipated that the book will be of value to professionals of the FIU, law enforcement, other government agencies, and private sector business.

Readers will also understand how better and successful investigations and close cooperation among the key stakeholders domestically and internationally play a role in its success.

The BECA book can be accessed here.