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Another Jersey stand-alone money laundering case with an irresistible inference [May 2022]


A 41-YEAR-OLD former escort who tried to leave Jersey with £8,020 in suspected drug money has been given a 16-month suspended sentence.

The Royal Court heard yesterday(MON) that Ellis travelled from Barry in south Wales to Jersey to meet a client who asked her to take the money back to the UK.

Advocate Lauren Hallam, prosecuting, said that

  • Ellis arrived on the Island on 8 January but tested positive for Covid and was ordered to self-isolate in a hotel for ten days.
  • However, she breached the conditions, as CCTV footage showed her leaving the hotel and visiting The Royal Yacht with a man who was unnamed in court but ‘known to the authorities’.
  • He then gave her the money, the court was told.
  • Ellis tried to return to the UK on 11 January but was arrested at the Airport for breaking the Covid rules. The police then discovered the money.

During a police interview,

  • Ellis initially claimed it was money she had earned from working as a care assistant and prostitute while on the Island.
  • Ellis said she knew the money came from crime but denied knowing what the nature of the crime was.

On 17 March, she eventually pleaded guilty to money laundering.

Advocate Hallam said:

  • ‘The money can only have been the proceeds of crime. Acting as a courier facilitates criminal activity.’

But Advocate Hallam said

  • previous cases showed that a lack of knowledge should not be treated as a mitigating factor.

And she said that drugs were strongly suspected because

  • ‘no other credible explanation has been put forward.