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Anonymous Companies and Transnational Crime


Transnational crimes generate US$1.6 trillion to US$2.2 trillion annually

In 2017, Global Financial Integrity (GFI) did a study on transnational crime and found that the combined annual value of 11 different transnational criminal markets was between US$1.6 trillion to US$2.2 trillion.

Groups including the FARC, the so-called Islamic State, the Lord’s Resistance Army, and political regimes such as Nicolas Maduro’s in Venezuela that operate as a transnational organized criminal network all utilize these lucrative criminal markets to line their pockets, consolidate power, perpetuate violence, and directly harm the safety and security of US government interests.

Anonymous companies play an important role in transnational crime, allowing criminals to hide their identities, obscure their illicit activities, and launder their ill-gotten gains.