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AML/CFT Handbooks consultation support – tracked change documents


On 1 November 2021, JFSC launched a consultation on proposed changes to the JFSC AML/CFT Handbooks. These proposed changes will simplify the use JFSC Handbooks, making it easier to find the information required for all supervised persons in one place.

JFSC received feedback from Industry advising that, alongside the mapping documents that have already been published, a tracked change version of the Consolidated Handbook would support Industry with considering the changes JFSC have proposed in the consultation.

JFSC listened to this feedback and are providing tracked change documents covering each of the existing AML/CFT Handbooks, along with a tracked change version of the Glossary, Prepaid Cards guidance (Section 3.3.6 of the Consolidated Handbook) and E-ID (Section 4.3.5 of the Consolidated Handbook). These can be downloaded and reviewed via the links below.

Using the documents

The tracked change version of the AML/CFT Handbook for regulated financial services business covers Part 1, Sections 1-14. The documents for the remaining AML/CFT Handbooks cover Part 1, Sections 1-10.