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3rd March, the JFSC has just issued a Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Data Collection request with a deadline 8th March


Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - Data Collection Exercise – have you received your email?

In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, JFSC seeking to obtain up-to-date information from regulated businesses to better understand their current connections with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

JFSC will be sending an email to regulated businesses asking those that have connections to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine to complete a data collection exercise.

The email will outline how JFSC will capture this.

This work is part of a coordinated effort by Island agencies to better understand Jersey’s overall exposure to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The data will be used to inform Jersey’s jurisdictional response to the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Further information on the Island’s approach is detailed in the Statement from the Minister of External Relations in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the implementation of subsequent sanctions.

The data JFSC are requesting, closely reflects sections of our 2021 supervisory risk data collection exercise.

However, this data set will only include connections to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

For this reason, this request is separate to the 2021 supervisory-risk data collection exercise.

The deadline for submission is 8 March.

If you have not received an email from JFSC in relation to the Data Collection Exercise and think you should have contact your Supervisor.