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2022 JFSC Examination themed visit programmes to be announced in early 2022


The JFSC says:

  1. In 2022, the JFSC Examinations Unit will continue to focus on conducting
  • Financial crime,
  • Supervisory risk, and
  • Thematic examinations.

2.The JFSC will also be:

  • Testing some of the remediation activities undertaken by Industry following previously completed examinations.

3.The JFSC process will consist of several supervisory tools including:

  • The use of questionnaires,
  • In-depth examinations/desk-based activities, or
  • A combination of both.

4.The JFSC will communicate the themes chosen for thematic examinations early in 2022.

5.The JFSC will continue to issue feedback papers and hold webinars to support the JFSC ongoing outreach and engagement plans.

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