In-House Training

Why choose Comsure “in-company” training services?

You have a training and development requirement in the areas of Regulation, Compliance, Anti-money laundering & regulatory risk management.

You and your organisation are looking for a training provider who will partner you in working towards your training and development objectives whilst truly valuing your business. You believe that a company which has a real passion for training and developing people will deliver superb client focused solutions.

You want to work with a provider who will design a course to specifically match the precise developmental needs of your company’s participants. You find it beneficial to work with a company who assign Training Consultants to your business who has first hand knowledge and application in all aspects of training and development.

You acknowledge that for the learning to be maximised the training needs to be delivered by a credible and knowledgeable Trainer who has the ability to inspire and motivate the participants.
Benefits of in-house training

Amazing Value For Money

Comsure in-house training is an extremely cost-effective method of developing staff. A team of employees can be trained on-site from as little as the cost of several delegates attending public courses.

Location, location, location – you choose

The flexibility of Comsure's in-house training allows you to choose the perfect time at the most appropriate location. Whether in-house, on your premises, or at a venue remote from the workplace – we deliver anywhere at any time, ensuring that your training takes place in the most appropriate learning environment for you and your organisation.

Benefits of employing Comsure

Maximum of 15 to 20 delegates. We do not do management training seminars. Our small group environment provides maximum participation for your employees.

Interactive and participative learning delivered with impact – the seminars are not lectures. All participants are encouraged to participate and apply their knowledge as well as what they are learning.
Accelerated learning that reveals all you need to know in one activity packed training day.

Skilled facilitators who are proven in their field backed with ‘real world’ and ‘hands on’ experience. Our trainers come from varied industry sectors, and have a wealth of expertise across diverse subject areas.
Best-practice models and methodologies that will deliver real value in the workplace. Use of case studies to develop discussion.

Comsure in-house training

Your organisation’s training needs are unique. With this in mind COMSURE Training is able to deliver a range of training courses all of which can be tailored to your requirements. Courses can range from 2 hours to full day(s) workshops and can be delivered at a time to suit your business demands.

Comsure provide a blended learning experience with dynamic and interactive class room tuition supported by case studies, group exercises, simulations and group discussions.

Every training course is supported by printed literature and the highest quality administration.

All Comsure “in-company” training is

  1. Case study based
  2. Non legalistic
  3. Highly practical
  4. Group Exercises
  5. Use of Multi Media and Video