Good Governance a Comsure Masterclass

Good Governance a Comsure Masterclass

Comsure [THE COMPLIANCE GUYS] is excited to announce its first  #Jersey collaborative workshop event with  CoSteer® [THE GOVERNANCE GUYS] on 5th October 2022. The event name is:-

  • "Assessing Governance Effectiveness and Culture."

You are all welcome to join us, and you can register here.

  • You are responsible for steering [governing] your boat [business] and want a comprehensive, innovative, and evidence-based way of working towards Governance, Risk and Compliance ❤️
  • You want to learn how to incorporate a systems approach with transparent monitoring of progress and emphasise the importance of organisational culture ❤️
  • You want to stop ticking boxes and meaningless spreadsheets ❤️
  • You wish to re-position governance as a driver of financial performance in the long-term ❤️
  • You see that organisational purpose is at the heart of good governance ❤️

You can register here.


This event will help in directing attendees in understanding the interconnection and measurable outcomes between;

  • The purpose of your organisation;
  • The values of employees and the behaviour exhibited;
  • The resulting culture from the above [two points].
  • The mistakes of a tick box approach
  • The evidence of good governance and the global shift in governance and organisational culture [FRC, BRT, ISO, KING IV, FCA, JFSC and many others]
  • The importance and science behind "purpose and values-based" governance
  • How humans make decisions as individuals and as groups and how your organisational culture influences this.