Monday 14th October 2019
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Backdating of Documents Revealed in Jersey Court Proceedings

Berge Gerdt Larsen (read here for some background is back in the Jersey courts, and in reading through the judgements, there are some interesting revelations (under oath) about the behaviour of Jersey directors. In the reported judgement [click here] the following is cited Mr Larsen was convicted of aggravated tax fraud using offshore […]

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Director’s Duty of Care – Falling Short of that Standard is not Acceptable.

Angelmist Properties Limited v Leonard and Others – The case[1], a summary judgment application/interim payment application, provides important guidance on the discharging of the director’s duty of care. It can be seen as a warning to all directors, especially those of companies that form part of a larger structure where other interests might come into […]

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Judge rejects claim IFA should have ‘corrected’ pre-2008 crash advice

Couple lost £43k in 18 months on £700k investment as banking crisis emerged A judge has rejected a couple’s claim their adviser breached a continuing duty of care to them by failing to “correct” his original recommendation of a medium risk portfolio following the onset of the 2008 market crash. Judge Andrew Keyser QC ruled […]

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Commercial Court upholds claim against fund manager for breach of fiduciary duty.

In SPL Private Finance (PF1) IC Ltd and others v Arch Financial Products LLP and others [2014] EWHC 4268 (Comm), the Commercial Court held that Arch Financial Products LLP (Arch), as agent, failed to act in the best interests of its principal and Arch’s chief executive was liable for inducing the breaches of fiduciary duty. […]

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