Friday 23rd August 2019
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JFSC NRA continues into 2019 – [Phase III – 2018 Data Collection] JFSC Approach in 2019

JFSC approach for collecting 2018’s data, Phase III of our Supervisory Data Collection Exercise.

Key facts

  1. This exercise will begin promptly in the New Year on 14 January 2019.
  2. The JFSC will be asking for the same data for 2018 as we previously collected for Phase 1 and Phase II.
  3. This is to determine whether there is any significant change from the 2017 data which was provided and also to help us establish the frequency of our future data collection exercises.

Data submission will be as follows:

5 April 2019.

1 March 2019:

All other sectors will need to submit data to us by 5 April 2019.


1.       TCB

2.       INV BUS

3.       FSB

4.       MSB

5.       BANKS




For those registered to undertake any of the following, you will need to submit your data by 1 March 2019:


1.       Lawyers

2.       Accountants

3.       Estate Agents

4.       Casinos

5.       Lenders (not banks)

6.       Money Service Business (not banks)



1.The JFSC will be using the same process for collecting the 2018 data as they used for the 2017 data, whereby

  1. Firms download, complete and submit an Excel spreadsheet via the MyJFSC portal.
  2. Rather than issuing the request in phases as they did this year, all of the data collection spreadsheets will be released together on 14 January 2019.
  3. For the Banking sector, we are also collecting Wire Transfer data for 2018.
  1.  The timescales for submitting this data are the same as above, although there is a separate spreadsheet that needs to be downloaded and completed via the portal.

2. The JFSC Guidance Notes will be updated for the 2018 requirements and will be available on our website before the data collection exercise begins on 14 January 2019.

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